Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need any experience?
A: No prior boxing experience is necessary.

Q: I haven’t exercised in a few years, do I need to get in shape before I start training?
A: The only thing you need to get started is motivation, drive and a desire to learn. We are a judgment-free boxing club that welcomes all to “come as you are.”

Q: Will I lose weight?
A: Boxing training is great for weight loss. It’s an intense sustained workout that burns between 500-1000 calories depending on the intensity. Training usually lasts 90 minutes and although it might seem slow after completing Boxing Mechanics, soon enough you’ll be sweating like you never have before.

Q: Why is boxing such a good workout?
A: Training like a fighter is a total mind & body workout that combines aerobic exercise with calisthenics. It tones the body while increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat. Boxing improves endurance, stamina, reflexes, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, self-discipline and self-confidence.

Q: Am I too old/young to learn how-to box?
A: You are never too old to learn how to box. Our current members range from ages 15-62.

Q: I’ve had knee surgery in the past, can I take up boxing?
A: We do have clients that have had knee surgeries and train without restrictions but when beginning any exercise program we recommend you consult your doctor first.

Q: Is anyone going to hit me?
A: No one is going to hit you. Upon completion of our Boxing Mechanics, and after joining our regularly scheduled training, over time you will have the option to spar.

Q: Will I be pressured into sparring?
A: You will not be pressured into anything, and sparring is entirely optional.

Q: I’ve taken boxing classes before, do I still need to take Boxing Mechanics?
A: Regardless of any prior Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, or Muay Thai experience, to begin training with WWB you must take our Boxing Mechanics.

Q: What Do I Need To Get Started?
A: Boxing Gloves + 180" Hand Wraps.