Women's World of Boxing's
2147 2nd Avenue Build Out


2147 2nd Avenue, New York City

It all started 10 years ago...

...When I saw the need to provide a safe, comfortable and empowering space to teach women and girls the sweet science. Not just to work up a good sweat, but to learn how to box and defend themselves for real, not just for fitness.

My mission from the beginning was to open Women's World of Boxing independently in order to focus on building an army of strong, courageous and empowered women and girls; not just to prepare them for the fight in the ring (if they so chose), but to prepare them for their fight as women, outside of the ring.

10 years later, I've taken over 2 co-ed boxing gyms with over 1,000 females trained, so it's only fitting that in our 10th anniversary year, I am finally signing a lease to open Women's World of Boxing independently! 

We have the space, we just need your support to help build it out. We have the girls for our after school boxing program, we just need your support to help outfit them with equipment.

If you would like to support and help us build the first privately female owned and operated women's boxing gym in New York City, please click below to donate and support Women's World of Boxing on our mission to empower females of all ages, sizes, cultures and fitness levels through the sport of boxing!

Most Sincere Thanks!

-Coach Reese