Sometimes The Hardest Thing and The Right Thing Are The Same

Taking a moment to reflect on some of my first steps. My life in the photo on the left, I had everything…so I thought.


At least it was everything I was told I was supposed to have…the fancy ‪career‬ in ‪hair‬/beauty‬/‎entertainment‬/publishing‬/‎fashion‬, the house, the new car, the love of my life who loved every 215lbs of me…so I thought.

Funny how in having everything you can still feel like you’re missing something.

It wasn’t until I started searching for the missing something, that I realized that the something, was me.

RealTalk‬ always, it’s taken a ‪lifetime‬ and a million + 1 steps in the right direction and maybe 1,000 in the wrong direction to get to where I am today.

My life in the photo on the right is the result of me taking some of the hardest life steps in the right direction by pulling back my layers, learning + loving + redefining me and knowing that, THAT is everything.

If at any point in life, you’re staring yourself down in the mirror searching for that something you feel is missing, be brave, peel back one layer at a time to discover why. It’s not going to be easy, but in life and in boxing, growing through the hard is what makes it good.

‪#‎BeforeAndAfter …and ‪#‎Now.

—Coach Reese