How To Know When It’s You or Your Trainer Doing The Work?

I’ve had women train with me just to learn how to properly throw punches in order to train at home with someone holding the mitts for them that they picked up at a local sporting goods store.

I always asked if they’ve done pad-work before or held the mitts for anyone. The answer is usually, “They sell them at the store so how hard could it be! All I need is for them to stand there and hold them while I hit them!”

Take your time, use your reach
and YOU do the work.

Right…That’s when I would share a few tips for their feeder and teach them as much as possible in our allotted time.

So here are a few questions and answers to help you confirm whether it’s you or your trainer doing the work!

#1. While hitting the mitts, if your hands are down and your punches come from below your waist or jaw (with your hands on your chest) and your thought process is focused on how cool your trainer is by going so fast, you are not doing the work.
#2. If your hands are down and you’re throwing short punches while having no idea how to find or use your reach and the person holding mitts for you are slapping your gloves to make really cool sounds and give you the illusion that you’re doing the work, you are not. They are.
#3. If you feel soreness in your knuckles after doing pad-work, your feeder was using too much force and actually hitting you, instead of bracing for impact to receive your hits.

My advice to all those new to boxing and holding the mitts. As the feeder (the person holding the mitts), let the punches come to you and for the person throwing the punches, go slow.

—Coach Reese