Focus On And Trust In What You Know

Don’t concern yourself with what you think someone else may know.
Focus and trust in what you know and do it well.


Training women to box that have never boxed before fascinates me. They are dedicated, attentive, comfortably inquisitive and always willing to go one more round. Most come in stating, “I don’t want to get hit or hit anybody I just want to learn for real, in case I have to!”

The thing with learning, is that after you’ve invested your time in learning and work so hard at it improving upon what you’ve learned, it’s only natural that you would want to apply all that you’ve learned.

It’s usually at that moment when I am cornered with wide eyes filled with hope, doubt, fear and the conversation turns into something like this:

WWB Boxer: “I think I wanna spar?”

WWB Coach: “Is that a question?”

WWB Boxer: “No, I’m sure!….Just don’t put me in with anybody really good because I don’t know everything she knows!”

WWB Coach: “Your job is to focus on what you know, do it well and learn as much as you can from her about what you know in three minutes to get the job done.

In life and boxing, there will always be someone who knows more than you know. Build upon what YOU know, trust in your ability to exercise all that YOU know, and then focus on doing it well.

—Coach Reese