When 4 Women With Powerful Bodies Are Asked By Bustle And The United States Marine Corps, To Explain What 'Strength' Means To Them...And You're One Of The Four.



Strong is when you can’t see what’s ahead, but you continue moving forward. 

Strong is when you are stripped of everything you know to be true, then stand tall and redefine your truth. 

Strong is when you know who you are and make no apologies for who you are. 

Strong is when you break the glass ceiling to create a world that empowers other women and girls to help them build their strong. 

Thank you to my friends @Bustle and @usamarinecorps for allowing me to share my strong. 

-Boxing Coach Reese Scott, 
Founder of Women’s World of Boxing NYC.

  Photography & Art Direction:  Hannah Burton  / Bustle; Styling:  Jenna Wexler  / Bustle; Hair:  Mia Santiago ; Makeup:  Tiffany Patton

Photography & Art Direction: Hannah Burton / Bustle; Styling: Jenna Wexler / Bustle; Hair: Mia Santiago; Makeup: Tiffany Patton